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Underground Broadcast Command System
  • Underground Broadcast Command System
Underground Broadcast Command System

Underground Broadcast Command System

It is suitable for the environment of gas and coal dust explosion in the coal mine. When a major accident occurs in the mine, the personnel on the ground shall promptly inform, instruct and guide all the people to evacuate. Staff in the scheduling command center on the ground should evacuate the site and command the scene staff quickly, orderly, safely evacuate from dangerous areas by using the microphone, the high power, large radius of expansion mining intrinsically safe PA phone, minimize the secondary effects in the process of disaster relief to the extreme. At the same time, under normal circumstances, this system can play background music, news, reports, and others to provide knowledge education of music and safety for underground workers, so as to improve coal mine safe production

consciousness, enrich the cultural life.

Product Details

• With functions of emergency rescue command, production scheduling command, scheduling calls, community radio, full line broadcast, point-to-point intercom, dot, playing background music and others

• The system adopts digital design, has strong anti-interference ability, can directly play digital music of MP3 format, which is clear and


• Big system capacity, long transmission distance, intrinsically safe design, wide covering range, and can be extended to the mining surface, which truly covers the full mine

• Long communication distance, the transmission distance can be up to 10km

• Stable and reliable, single broadcast substation malfunction does not affect other broadcast substation

• The network is simple, the ground equipment consists of industrial computer, microphone, transmission interface, access to gigabit / one hundred megabytes industrial Ethernet

• The amplification loudness can be up to 90dB, the continuous communication time is not less than 2 hours after the system powered- off when the battery is fully charged

• Can be extended to access to telephone voice

Through 16 keys stainless steel keyboard to achieve human-computer interaction, use digital tube to display