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Plc Centralized Control System Of Belt Conveyor
  • Plc Centralized Control System Of Belt Conveyor
Plc Centralized Control System Of Belt Conveyor

Plc Centralized Control System Of Belt Conveyor

KHP144-K mining belt conveyor centralized control protection equipment (hereinafter referred to as centralized control device), the main configuration consists of the explosion-proof and intrinsically safe type main station power box, mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe type substation power box, the host computer. It is applicable to the coal mine with gas and coal dust explosion hazards for the electrical control, monitoring and integrated protection of belt conveyor and other equipment. The system adopts Siemens series programmable logic controller (PLC) as the core control unit, with the functions of programming in the field, extended input/output points, easy networking, abundant display information, reliable and convenient to achieve the relevant equipment control interlock and protection


Product Details

There is a programmable PLC control box set by the head of each device, which has the working mode switch and the on-site stop button.

• All the coal points on the belt are provided with coal protection and longitudinal tear protection, so as to prevent the expansion of the tape machine accident.

• All the tape machines are provided with deviation switches, and a pair of deviation switches are set at about every 100 meters.

• All tape conveyors are provided with pull switch, used to stop under the emergency situation, the installation spacing of the pull switch is 100 meters, and it can extend deviation protection of the belt, to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

• Set up coal pile sensor on the head of the belt to prevent the occurrence of coal accidents.

• Set up speed sensor detects the speed of the belt and the occurrence of skid accidents.

• Set up smoking sensor in the roadway to detect the smoke concentration of belt roadway to prevent fire accidents.

• Set up temperature sensor at the main drum of the belt, check the temperature of the drum at any time, and equipped with automatic sprinkler device, to achieve automatic sprinkling and cooling when the drum is ever warm.

• The belt conveyor is equipped with a starting warning device in every 100 meters, the warning signal is issued before starting to warn relevant personnel promptly stay away from the equipment.

• Current real-time monitoring function of the motor can found some potential problems of the mechanical equipment, real-time

monitoring, and analysis of motor current during operation, alarm when current overruns or sudden changes, downtime when serious.

• Achieve the lockout of coal machine and belt, and have automatic, manual, overhaul and other control methods.

• Centralize control system has good anti-damp heat jamming performance, can quickly repair or replace components in underground conditions, according to the environment in the coal mine, power box adopts explosion-proof structure.

• Can emergency shutdown, sequential shutdown or alarm sound and light signal according to the fault nature of the tape machine


• The working status, fault type and fault location of each tape machine can be shown on the centralized control stage.

• Multiple modes of operation. There are ground remote centralized control, downhole remote centralized control and downhole local control, downhole maintenance control, downhole manual control to make the system operation flexible and reliable.

• Perfect information processing function, information of alarm, operation parameters, operation record and other information automatically form the standard format of database files, and save, for information system use.

To achieve centralized monitoring of system and production data microcomputer.

• Choose advanced Siemens controller, has the good real-time function, high reliability, and high data processing speed.

• Adopt whole distributed control structure, the system has a high security. When the ground part has control malfunction, the underground part can still achieve centralized control operation.

• The communication network has high speed, long distance, and high reliability.

• Intuitive interface, easy to operate, and full-featured. The man-machine interface not only has the dynamic picture and display but also has real-time alarm monitoring, security confirmation mechanism, and data record function.

• Adopt long-distance fiber communication network, so that wiring more convenient, and greatly reduce the amount of cable, thereby reducing wiring costs.

Easy maintenance, low operating costs. The system is easy to expand and can add nodes at any time.

• Analog input: 8/16 (4-20mA or 0-5V)

• Analog output: 8/16 (4-20mA or 0-5V)

• Input of computation: 1 (0-1000Hz)

• Switching value output: 16-64 Road (passive junction)

• Switching value input: 16-64 Road (passive junction)

• Display: man-machine interface

• Power input: AC127v, 50Hz

• Power fluctuation range: 75% -110% Ue

• Intrinsically safe output: DC12V 1500mA one group, DC24V 500m, one group

• With RS485, industrial Ethernet communication interface, scalable PROFIBUS, CAN and other communication interfaces, which support OPC protocol

• The device has the sound warning when start, and malfunction voice alarm

• The device can be used online, with online lockout

With protective functions of deviation, cable, vertical tear of the intelligent alignment, display real-time speed, temperature, motor current of tape