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Centralized Control System Of Coal Preparation Plant
  • Centralized Control System Of Coal Preparation Plant
Centralized Control System Of Coal Preparation Plant

Centralized Control System Of Coal Preparation Plant

The control system is designed to establish a modern coal preparation plant which is based on science and efficient. In the control system, we adopt the German Siemens high-end products S7-400 series PLC as the control host of field control and acquisition system, and we are quite familiar with the technology, it has a very good application in many large and medium-sized coal preparation plants in domestic. The advanced nature, reliability has been recognized. And Siemens series PLC has a high market share in foreign and domestic market, which has abundant spare parts. Through the establishment of the control system to lay a foundation for establishing a fuzzy control coal preparation plant based on practical knowledge in the future. And integrated into the density subsystem, industrial

television subsystem, and computer information management subsystem, which can improve the automation level of centralized control system.

Product Details

• Equipped with centralized control, local start, remote single start, remote automation, maintenance and other modes of operation.

• When the production centralized control system start (or malfunction), the industrial TV monitor can observe the area where the start (or

malfunction) of the equipment is located, to achieve tracking and monitoring of the industrial TV system.

•Can real-time display the working status and process parameters of process equipment, to provide historical data query, fault alarm

query, operation records and time query and other functions.

•With conventional management functions, such as the preparation and print of report, records and display of historical data, statistics of equipment operation time and so on .

•With networking functions, the system can easily achieve the network with the upper level system and the two-way transmission of the

data system.

•The centralized control system adopts the distributed control system structure, set the control substation in the power distribution points, can greatly save the cable. Malfunction of a certain substation will not result in paralysis of the entire production system, which improves the reliability of the control system, especially suitable for some occasions in the coal preparation plant where every production phase is sort of distributed but relatively independent.

•The control substations have independent control functions, which can immediately achieve malfunction protection when the regional equipment of the jurisdiction breakdown.

•There are Ethernet MODBUS/PROFIBUS and some other communication modes for centralized control system to choose from. It is

convenient to expand the station and connect to other networks.