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Automatic Control System Of Mine Fan
  • Automatic Control System Of Mine Fan
Automatic Control System Of Mine Fan

Automatic Control System Of Mine Fan

It adopts the bus industrial control system, and integrates advanced technologies such as industrial computer, PLC, intelligent data acquisition, calculation and control, graphic display, image monitoring and network communication. It has functions of displaying the operation state and all kinds of information and data, automatically generating data report, abnormal alarm and shutdown protection, information networking, printing, etc. It is a high performance monitoring system with comprehensive functions, high reliability, versatility and good openness. The system has the advantages of high reliability, fast processing speed, high

monitoring precision, convenient operation and small maintenance cost.

Product Details

• Centralized control function. The functions of system interlocking, starting and stopping control, protection, ventilator working state on-line monitoring and data communication are realized. Centralized control function. To achieve system interlock, starting, stop control, protection, fan operating status online monitoring and data communications and other functions. At the same time, in order to ensure the PLC exit or failure when the system can still run safely, the system has a complete display alarm instrument of the manual control and motor, fan bearings and motor stator temperature, etc.

• To monitor the working state of the ventilator on-line. Collect and display the process parameters, electrical parameters and the operation of the electric

equipment. The monitoring parameters include the inlet static pressure, air volume, gas concentration, fan bearing temperature, motor bearing temperature, motor winding temperature, fan vibration, motor power, current, voltage, power factor; fan gate switch status, brake switch status, fan main Motor opening and closing signal and forward and reverse signal, high voltage cabinet circuit breaker, opening position, spring mechanism energy storage status, grounding switch and test position, fault alarm, accident trip, protection device abnormalities, etc. Display the working point and efficiency of fan running in real time.

• It can monitor data in real time, display with dynamic figures and figures, and draw characteristic curves of fan performance through the printer output.

• Storage and query of various monitoring data. The system maintains a total of 365 days of data from the day, where the hourly data stores the average of one hour and records the average of the various monitoring data for the day and the trend of the parameters for the 24 hours a day.

• - It can realize the display of various working conditions, the accident alarm and the recalling function. The system can display the operating conditions of the fan on the performance curve of the fan. When the fan runs abnormally, the system can give a glimpse of the relevant interface and set the parameters and date, time and so on within one hour from the current time record for later analysis.

• The overpressure, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, leakage monitoring, alarm and countercharge of the high-voltage control cabinet can be realized.

• The system has the function of fault self diagnosis, and the fault analysis and judgment. Print running report (class, day, month, year) and alarm, real-time report failure.

• Networking with the mine control room: The ventilation room of each device operation transmissions in real time to the mine dispatching center through high- speed industrial Ethernet .

For the both ends of the motor bearings, motor stator (three-phase), fan bearings at both ends of the temperature use double monitoring.

• The system can quickly and accurately in real-time monitor the operating parameters of the equipment, including temperature, pressure, flow, voltage, current, power, power and so on. Make rapid analysis and processing rapid analysis, abnormal timely alarm and protection, to prevent major accidents.

• The operating data of the equipment can be shown as the digital display, analog meter, trend curve, report forms, and automatically stored in the database for a long time, which can be efficiently searched. To ensure the authenticity and validity of the data, reduce the influence caused by human factors, which help the economy for the perfect solution and found the problems in a timely manner, then take preventive measures.

• The operating state can be displayed as dynamic graphics, it is intuitive and clear, easy to watch.

• The system has the function of remote control. It can control the start/stop of the fan manually or automatically on the remote computer. The control has safety authority to prevent random operation.

• The system uses industrial computer and modular intelligent data acquisition device to meet the long-term, stable and reliable operation in a harsh

environment, and a system can monitor multiple devices at the same time.

• The monitoring system can be connected with the mine LAN data transmission network, to achieve remote control of the equipment, data browsing, etc. Which improves monitoring efficiency and adapts to the whole and global information management requirements, ensuring that the emergency plan starts timely when the ventilation system fails.

• The application of computer monitoring system realizes the function of remote data monitoring, control monitoring and so on. It meets the working conditions of realizing unattended work on the spot.

Easy maintenance, low operating costs. The system is easy to expand and can increase and decrease the nodes at any time, so as to meet the needs of enterprises in all directions.