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Prefabricated Box-Type Substation
  • Prefabricated Box-Type Substation
Prefabricated Box-Type Substation

Prefabricated Box-Type Substation

Suitable for 12KV and below, rated frequency of 50Hz three-phase AC power distribution system in residential districts, commercial buildings, hotels, large construction sites, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises and temporary construction sites. It can be also applied to ring network power supply and radioactive terminal power supply. The substation has the advantages of compact structure, good performance of complete set, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, etc. And with features of small size, wide selectivity, small on-site installation, short installation period and so on.

Product Details

• The shell is designed according to the foreign advanced technology and the actual situation. It has features of solid, insulated and ventilated, good performance, dust-proof, moisture-proof, beautiful appearance, easy to maintain and so on. There are various options for the material of shell such as aluminum-zinc coated steel plate, composite plate, stainless steel plate, non-metal materials (glass fiber cement) etc.

• The high-voltage side generally use load switches or vacuum circuit-breaker, and it has a complete anti-misuse function, Transformers

there are three transformers which is oil-immersed transformers, sealed Transformers, and dry-type transformers

• The substation has perfect protection performance, convenient operation, high and low voltage measurement can be chosen, automatic reactive power compensation device can be provided according to user's requirements

• The top cover of the box body is designed as a double layer structure, and the interlayer is filled with foam clinker, which has good heat insulation function. The high and low voltage chamber have an independent roof in its interior design. There are anti-condensation and automatic temperature monitoring, heating, and cooling the device in the transformer chamber

The box body adopts natural ventilation, and can also be equipped with forced ventilation equipment, and there are dust-proof devices in the corresponding positions of the outer door panel