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Mining explosion-proof AC vacuum soft starter
  • Mining explosion-proof AC vacuum soft starter
Mining explosion-proof AC vacuum soft starter

Mining explosion-proof AC vacuum soft starter

The device adopts MX2 intelligent drive box, the latest technology developed by the United States BENSHAW, as the core. It can make the motor start in a controlled and smooth way, which is a good solution to the impact to the the grid and mechanical equipment when the motor starts, and extends the service life of the device. The device with the functions of perfect protection and intelligent communication, can be widely used in the coal mine industry to control the tape conveyor, fans, pumps and other motors.

Product Details

•With simple operation, intuitive parameter settings, and

•Intelligible explanation display, the voltage, current, fault

•With large-screen LCD

•Information can be displayed, it is easy to inspect and maintain

•Adopting advanced and perfect control mode, the motor can

•start with voltage ramps or current closed-loop slope

•With double protections of soft start and straight start

•With perfect and scientific protection functions, such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overload, lack of phase, overload, stall, thyristor failure, leakage lock protection, etc.

• With control methods of remote control, near control, joint control and so on

•The explosion-proof shell adopts fast door structure, the main body is rail and handcart type, and it is convenient to maintain

1. Rated operating voltage: AC 1140 or 660V

2. Rated w operating current: below 400A is continuously

3. When the rated voltage is 1140V, η * cos Φ = 0.75, the control motor maximum power: 590KW

4. Control circuit voltage: 12V

5. Soft start time: 1-60S

6. The current limit: 0.5 ~ 8le

7. Starting voltage: 0 ~ 100% Ue

8. The starting interval: less than 12 times per hour

9. Soft start method: voltage ramp, current ramp, torque ramp,

power ramp