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High Voltage Automatic Compensator
  • High Voltage Automatic Compensator
High Voltage Automatic Compensator

High Voltage Automatic Compensator

It is suitable for high-voltage motors in various industries or reactive power compensation devices of 10KV power supply system. TSC (thyristor switched capacitor) is a new type of capacitor compensation device for dynamic tracking, its main feature is to compensate the reactive demand of varying load. It can be switched frequently according to the need, and not inject harmonic into the system. The equipment is safe and reliable, and the effect is good. It is called the adaptive volt ampere compensator (adaptive var compensatory).

Product Details

• Adopt domestic or abroad high-quality and high voltage compensation capacitor. Local reactive power compensation for inductive load power consumption equipment can be done directly in place, which effectively improves the power factor of the power consumption equipment (it can be increased to 0.9 or more)

• Reduce the reactive power loss for users, improve the voltage quality of the power grid, lessen the line loss

• Increase transformer load ratio and the efficiency of electrical equipment, reduce motor heating

• Adopt high quality and high-pressure compensation capacitor, with small loss, tgq ≤1%

• Use high voltage jet by formula fuse as short circuit protection, ensure that the equipment safe runs safely

• After the device is disconnected from the grid, the residual voltage can be reduced to less than 50V within 5 minutes

• Automatically inputs and resection with the host computer, no operation part, convenient for maintenance

The protection grade of the shell is IP40