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What Is Switch Cabinet And About Its Quality

Mar. 27, 2019

Switch Cabinets include sensitive electric, mechanical and electronic components to perform control, drive, power supply and safety function. Generally, these elements are of premium quality.

Distribution Box consist of the cabinet housing and door and the interior components (e.g. mounting plates), which generally take the form of drawer units or are mounted on a panel.

Stringent requirements apply to the transport and storage of switch cabinets. Switch cabinets need to be protected against exposure to mechanical stresses and climatic conditions in particular during transport, handling and storage operations.

Switch Cabinets

Power Distribution Cabinet housings have to exhibit a certain tightness and  have to be easy to open and close; to ensure this they are made to be deformation-resistant. The resistance of switch cabinets to deformation must correspond to the expected stresses to which they are exposed during transport, handling and storage operations; therefore they must be checked by the consignor prior to acceptance by the intended means of transport as to whether they fulfill the requirements for safe transport.