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Precautions In The Use Of Mining Explosion-proof Inverter 2

Dec. 11, 2018

Previous article, we talked about the precautions in the use of Mining Explosion-proof Inverter. This week we will continue to explain the other two points for you.

Precautions for the selection of the Intrinsically Safe Inverter : For the fan and pump load, select the appropriate inverter according to the rated voltage / rated current / rated power of the motor; for constant power loads such as belt conveyors, select the operating characteristics according to the load conditions. For the corresponding frequency converter, the following conveyor belt or lifting transport winch, the inverter with four quadrant characteristics is selected. The power of the inverter should be selected with reference to the rated current of the motor and greater than one level of the motor to meet the requirements of heavy-duty starting. For the deep well pump (submersible pump) load, unlike the general pump load, because the distance from the inverter to the motor is far, it is necessary to increase the output sine wave filter, improve the output voltage and current waveform, and increase the driving performance; the inverter drives the pump load. When the drain pump is a cubic characteristic load, that is, the higher the speed, the greater the resistance, so the starting time of the Combination Frequency Inverter should not be too long, otherwise the pump will not be able to form a vacuum and will not be in the water; Effect", otherwise the pipeline will be damaged, causing an accident in severe cases. For the fan load, when debugging, pay attention to the free rotation of the fan blades to cause the inverter to over-current. Therefore, during the commissioning, increase the DC braking before starting, first make the blades static, and then start the motor.

Mining Explosion-proof Inverter