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Tips For Cleaning And Maintenance Of Power Distribution Cabinet

Feb. 27, 2019

The Power Distribution Cabinet, built the switch device, measuring tools, protection circuit and auxiliary equipment together in a closed or semi-closed metallic cabinet or screen, constitute a very low voltage power supply apparatus. The Distribution Device is mainly used to manage circuits, when there's any circuit failure, it is propitious for employees to reevaluate, additionally have preparedness for electricity outage. Power supply closet are closely associated with people's own life, it is crucial to succeed in daily upkeep and cleaning.

Power Distribution Cabinet

Distribution Box Manufacturer tell you several notices.

1. Cut off the power before cleaning the power distribution cabinet.

If you clean the cabinet in the case of power, it’s easy to cause leakage, short circuit etc. So remember to check if the circuit has been disconnected before starting cleaning. Also you should avoid moisture remaining in the power distribution cabinet, if any exist, it should be wiped with a dry cloth to ensure that the power distribution cabinet works in a dry condition.

2. Do not use corrosive chemicals to clean the power distribution cabinets, or let it touch a corrosive liquid or air.

A Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet is easy to cause its appearance to be corroded and rusty when touched corrosive liquids or air, which will not only affect the appearance, but also not conductive to maintenance.

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