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Mining explosion-proof Soft Starter Analysis

Dec. 27, 2018

Our Soft Starter incorporates electric force and digital processes computer technique and modern management theory. It's the new creation AC engine starter to substitute the traditional star-delta newcomer, self-coupling voltage-drop newcomer and magnetic controller voltage-drop starter.

High-high direct high voltage Electricity Distribution: High-voltage Soft Start Apparatus with high voltage Lead input Signal, Higher voltage direct output Signal, don’t need to output Fostering transformer, small Living Space, applicable to Regular AC motor;

Perfect security and failure warning layout: the Mining explosion-proof Soft Starter includes entire system security function and electricity unit security purpose. Following the protective actions, the machine can automatically capture the failure and injury memory. The collapse listing can automatically record the activity type and period of distinct protections, which may help technicians assess the failure rationale and also do error location.

Mining explosion-proof Soft Starter