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Precautions In The Use Of Mining Explosion-proof Inverter 1

Dec. 07, 2018

The Frequency Converter is a commonly used power control system, and the mine explosion-proof frequency converter is the most commonly used one. Mine explosion-proof inverters need to pay attention to the problems when using them. If you do not pay attention during use, it is easy to cause damage to the inverter.

1. Leakage protection problem: Since the output voltage of the inverter is PWM wave, the output current is close to the sine wave, but the input current wave is not a standard sine wave, and contains high-order harmonics of considerable composition, thus causing malfunction to the leakage protection system. Or interfere with the detection signal, so the conventional leakage detection can not be used in the Frequency Converter For Coal Mines power supply loop, and a special leakage protector should be used. However, the mine feed switch is now using the conventional leakage detection principle.

After using the Intrinsically Safe Frequency Converter, most of them Causes leakage current to feed. At present, most of the processing methods are in parallel with the high-voltage capacitor in the leakage protection detection circuit to eliminate the high-order harmonic “glitch” in the detection signal. Secondly, the leakage current can be reduced according to the principle of 30mAS (milliampere second). , the leakage protection time is amplified, so that the product remains unchanged. In addition, the inverter jumper feed leakage protection is related to the power supply characteristics of the Mining Explosion-proof Inverter, but it is also related to the feed switch. The protection settings of the feeder switches of different manufacturers are different. Please read the instruction manual carefully. Sometimes, there is a problem with the protection plug-in of the feed switch, which will also cause the feed to trip. At this time, the user will often think that it is the fault of the inverter, so it is necessary to carefully check, analyze the cause and handle it correctly. In the use of the frequency converter, it is important to pay attention to good grounding. The grounding wire section meets the requirements. At the same time, the grounding pole should be well grounded, and the grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms. These will have certain effects on eliminating interference.

Mining Explosion-proof Inverter