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The Product Introduction Of Mining Explosion-proof Inverter

Apr. 22, 2019

BPJ1 series of Mining Explosion-proof Inverter is a kind of cutting edge items joining with advanced recurrence change speed normal and warmth scattering innovation. It is pertinent to the substantial burden delicate begin, delicate stop and activity procedure of offbeat engines of trade current 50Hz, appraised voltage 660V or 1140V. It begins or stops in "s" bend or lines, which can balanced as per the genuine site conditions to decrease the dynamic pressure and begin off stuns.

If used in belt conveyor, it can reduce the requirements for strong belt and extend the lifetime of the conveyor, which means reducing the initial investment. In addition, with line control functions, the inverter can adjust the power frequency and the output frequency in accordance with the load changes to achieve the required torque and improve the power factor under no-load situation. As the coal mines improve continuously the degree of automation, Frequency Converter, with its characteristic of energy-saving, efficiency, safe and reliable, are becoming more and more popular in speed control coal motor equipment.

Frequency Converter