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Precautions In The Use Of Mining Explosion-proof Inverter 3

Dec. 14, 2018

Today , we will introduce you to the last point of the precautions for the use of Mining Explosion-proof Inverter.

Heat dissipation problem of the inverter: For non-explosion-proof cabinets on the ground, pay attention to the matching position between the heat-generating components such as reactors and the inverter, and try to avoid “circulating wind”, that is, the hot air of the reactor enters the inverter, which affects the cooling effect. For Combination Frequency Inverter, most of them currently use heat pipe cooling technology, and also use water cooling technology. When designing the heat dissipation system, the design is mainly based on different power levels, and the power dissipation parameters of the Intrinsically Safe Inverter module (including on-state loss and The switching loss is calculated and left with a margin, and the heat dissipation effect has an important influence on the stable operation and life of the inverter. When using the heat pipe cooling method, in the field use, you should also pay attention to the installation environment. The inverter should be placed horizontally. It is forbidden to “rear back”, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation. In addition, it is necessary to clean the surface of the radiator frequently.

Mining Explosion-proof Inverter