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Are You Looking For Professional Mining Explosion-proof Soft Starter?

Jan. 15, 2019

Our Mining Explosion-proof Soft Starter is carefully designed and contains federal intellectual property right. It's applicable to fitting pump station to attain automated charge of emulsion pump channel. After the face gear requires emulsion solution, the pump station can automatically begin according to the item. After face gear shutdowns, the pump station will automatically cease, which may reach energy saving by 30% and support life extension of pump channel by 100%. At Precisely the Same time, the Low Voltage AC Soft Starter has the function of discovering liquid level/temperature & Automobile proportioning of emulsion alternative of emulsion alternative tank, and petroleum level/temperature/pressure of emulsion pump peppermint oil, so as to guarantee secure operation of pump station, to achieve unattended operation.

Now the Mining Explosion-proof Equipment Factory tell you several features,

1. Various startup modes: multiple control modes including current-limiting start, voltage harmonics start, close-loop control start and torque control to achieve soft start in different conditions;

2. Powerful protection function: over voltage/short voltage/ short circuit/open phase/leakage self-locking/overload protection and other protections;

3. Display of fault type and descriptions for easy maintenance in case of fault.

Mining Explosion-proof Soft Starter