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Installation Requirements For Distribution Cabinet

Jan. 12, 2019

The Distribution Cabinet is divided into Power Distribution Cabinet and lighting distribution cabinets and metering cabinets , which are the final equipment of the power distribution system. The power distribution cabinet is the collective name of the motor control center. The Distribution Cabinet is used when the load is relatively scattered and the circuit is small; the motor control center is used for the occasions where the load is concentrated and the circuit is more. They distribute the electrical energy of a circuit of the upper-level power distribution equipment to the nearest load. This class of equipment should provide protection, monitoring and control of the load.

The installation requirements of the Distribution Box are: the switchboard (box) is made of non-combustible materials; the production site and office with low risk of electric shock can be installed with open switchboard; the risk of electric shock or working environment is higher. Closed cabinets should be installed in poor processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treatment, boiler rooms, woodworking rooms, etc.; in closed workplaces with conductive dust or flammable and explosive gases, closed or explosion-proof type must be installed. Electrical facilities; electrical components, meters, switches and lines of the distribution board (box) should be arranged neatly, securely installed and easy to operate. In general, it is divided into Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet, High voltage combination switchgear and Intelligent Medium Switch Cabinet.

The bottom surface of the floor-mounted board (box) should be 5~10 mm above the ground; the center height of the operating handle is generally 1.2~1.5m; the board (box) is in the range of 0.8~1.2m without obstacles; the protection line is reliable; There shall be no exposed bare electric discharge outside the (box); electrical components that must be installed on the outer surface of the board (box) or on the switchboard must have a reliable screen. If you want to learn other Mining Explosion-proof Equipment, you can call us and find us from Google.

Distribution Cabinet