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How Do The Soft Starter Work?

Jan. 22, 2019

A Soft Starter can be used to accelerate, decelerate, and shield three-phase electrical motors. Soft starters restrict the large inrush currents on engine startup. These solid-state starters include thermal overload electrical motor protection.

The professional Soft Starter Manufacturer tell you , A reduced voltage soft starter helps protect the motor and connected equipment from damage by controlling the terminal voltage. This limits the initial inrush of current and reduces the mechanical shock associated with motor startup and provides a more gradual ramp up to full speed. Soft Starters are also beneficial to electrical systems with limited current capacity when using a soft starter for motor starting to limit the inrush current. By gradually increasing the motor terminal voltage the soft starter produces a more regulated motor acceleration up to full speed. Soft starters are also capable of providing a gradual ramp to stop where sudden stopping may create problems in the connected equipment. 

Benefits of using Low Voltage AC Soft Starter:

Speed ramping and torque control are desired when starting or stopping

High inrush currents associated with starting a large motor need to be limited to avoid supply network issues or penalty charges

A gradual controlled starting is needed to avoid torque spikes and tension in the mechanical system associated with normal equipment startup (e.g., conveyors, beltdriven systems, gears, couplings, etc.)

Avoiding pressure surges or ‘hammering’ in piping systems when fluid changes speed too rapidly.

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