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The Function Of Mining Explosion-proof Vacuum Feeder Switch

Apr. 02, 2019

This Mining Explosion-proof Equipment is suitable to the coal mine well with mixed explosive gas containing methane. In the power supply system of 50 Hz AC, rated voltage of 1140 V and below and the tri-phase neutral not grounding directly.

This Mining Explosion-proof Vacuum Feeder Switch is mainly used as main switch or branch switch in AC 50Hz power distribution system of indirect neutral-point earthing with voltage of 1140V or 660V and current of 400A or 200A in underground coal mines with explosive and dangerous gas(methane) and coal dust and it is also used for non-frequent start of big capacity motor.

Characteristics of Explosion-proof Feeder Switch

• Blue screen real-time display for parameters like voltage, current, insulating value and switching-on times etc.

• Standard RS485/232 communication interface.

• Multiple Protective functions for overload, short circuit, loss of phase, electric leakage, leakage lockout, over voltage, under voltage


• Function of fan and power supply lockout, gas lockout, high-voltage electric interlock.

Mining Explosion-proof Vacuum Feeder Switch