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Feeder Switch Currents During Load Transfer

Jan. 10, 2019

Load transfer from an overloaded feeder to a neighboring lightly loaded feeder is obtained by closing the tie switch between the two feeders, followed by opening one of the sectionalizing switches along the overloaded feeder. This is the work of normal Feeder Switch .

During such a time interval, the resulting loop operation may (under some extreme cases) result in excessive current flow through the sectionalizing switch. Such a case can lead to a potential operational problem and a hazard to utility personnel. This paper investigates a situation that can lead to currents beyond the load break rating of the switches by analyzing a simplified circuit model of a distribution feeder during load transfer. It has been determined that load transfer through line switches can be excessive when one of the two feeders is fed from a stand-alone transformer and the other from a parallel bank of the same size. The simplified analysis is verified by some field measurements. 

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