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Explosion-proof Or Water-proof Electrical Equipment?

Feb. 19, 2019

General, the Mining Explosion-proof Equipment is confused with electronics gear, even in specialized environments. This comes in the erroneous belief that it is possible to prevent an explosion preventing an explosive air to get in contact with the ignition source (spark, arc or hot place ).

This may be partially true if the hazardous substance is a powder suspended in the air, but it’s a misconception if the explosive atmosphere is represented by a gas. This belief may cause an improper use of an enclosure, incorrectly considered as water-proof, in unsuitable conditions to ensure their safety.

To  analyze properly the problem, we need to step back and understand what are the principles on which is based the Explosion-proof electrical Equipment.

Explosion-proof electrical Equipment


This principle prevents the explosive atmosphere from coming into contact with an ignition source. Different systems are used: the immersion of the equipment in oil, sand or resin. These systems are primarily used to Mining Electrical Control Equipment, but not for the construction of electrical panels, lighting fixtures or plugs and sockets.