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Mining General High Voltage Switch Cabinet
  • Mining General High Voltage Switch Cabinet
Mining General High Voltage Switch Cabinet

Mining General High Voltage Switch Cabinet

Mainly used in the power supply system of central control room, the yard, the general ventilation and the main ventilation distribution chamber underground without gas and coal dust explosion, as distribution protection and control for electric equipment of voltage 3.6 KV, 7.2 KV, or 12 KV AC 50 Hz, and also can be used to directly start or start the fan or water pump high voltage motors underground by the dry reactor. The switch cabinet is also applicable in ground substation, metallurgy, chemical industry and power supply system of higher protection grade.

Product Details

• KY-WTGC-10 (6) mining general type high voltage switch cabinet(hereinafter referred to as the Switchgear) is based on absorbing existing advanced technology, independently developed. It has characters of new structure, convenient operation and maintenance, small volume, light weight, safe and reliable

• Structure features: the cabinet is composed of cabinet and handcart this two parts, separated into handcart chamber, busbar chamber, cable chamber, relay chamber by the partition board, handcart has two position of test and work, handcart chamber and cable chamber is separated by the movable insulation board, which is convenient and safe to maintain, it can reduce maintenance time, improve the quality of power supply. Handcart slider is accurate and flexible to ensure the handcart does not deviate while move in and out

• With advanced protection: after many years' use in coal mines, protection function of switch cabinets can satisfy protection selection of

various application such as leakage, insulation monitoring, under voltage, short circuit, over current operation. It can also choose remote control, remote communication, remote metering and other integrated automatic protection device, can be configured with small current earth connection protection device

• Advanced, complete and flexible secondary protection functions, can set protection for short circuit, over current, leakage, insulation monitoring of power grids, under-voltage and over-voltage operation according to different load, the protection components can choose electronic integration protection devices, also can choose the microcomputer integrated automatic protection device of four control functions(remote metering, remote communication, remote control, remote regulating), sent to the upper monitoring and scheduling system via communication network in time to achieve automatic inspection of grid running

The switch cabinet has high protection grade, shell protection class is IP54, which is suitable for harsh environment