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Metal Armored Movable Switch Cabinet
  • Metal Armored Movable Switch Cabinet
Metal Armored Movable Switch Cabinet

Metal Armored Movable Switch Cabinet

KYN61-40.5 metal armored movable switch cabinet (hereinafter referred to as switch cabinet) is an indoor complete distribution device with three-phase AC 50 Hz, rated voltage 40.5 KV, single busbar, and single busbar segmentation system. It applies to power plants, substations and industrial and mining enterprises, rail transport, the power distribution of the high-rise buildings, used for accepting and distributing electric energy, and providing control, protection, and test and so on for electric circuit. The main components in the cabinet are high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, it has good looking, smart volume, flexible operation, reliable electrical performance, long using life, convenient inspection, and amendment, free equipment maintenance, etc.. The switch cabinet structure has a strong adaptability, and the main wiring scheme can reach more than 49 types, meeting the standard requirements of IEC298, GB3906, DL/T404 standard

Product Details

•The structure of the cabinet is assembled, and the circuit breaker adopts the handcart center type, with small size, and the similar circuit breaker has interchangeability

•The “five prevention” has the advantages of complete function, with safe and reliable operation, handcart, circuit breakers, grounding switch and the back door between the cabinet to prevent the operation of the mechanical interlock device

•The padlock can be installed on the valve propulsion structure to prevent the vehicle from leaving the cabinet due to non-professional staff mistakenly open the door and causing an accident

•The cable room has plenty of space, and it can connect many cables and make the overhead outlets.

•All operations can be carried out under the condition that the door is closed. The protection grade of the shell is IP4X, and when the door of the handcart room is opened, the protection grade is IP2X

The circuit breaker, the busbar room, and the cable room are provided with a special pressure relief channel and cover

•Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃

•Altitude: ≤2000m (If it is more than 2000m, please specify when ordering)

•Relative humidity: ≤95%(25℃)

•Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degrees

•Installation environment: In the place where there is no fire, no explosion hazards, no serious pollution, no chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

Unit Parameters
Rated voltageKV40.5
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated currentA630, 1250, 1600
Ratedinsulat ion level

Between three phases Three phases to groundIsolated fracture
1min powerfrequency withstand voltageKV95115
Lightning impulse withstand voltageKV185215
Rated short-time withstand current(4s)KA2531.5
Rated short and open circuit currentKA2531.5
Rated peak withstand currentKA6380
Rated short-circuit current(peak value)KA6380
Rated current of busbarA630, 1250, 1600
Protection levelIP4X/Shell
IP2Xwhen the compartment door and the breaker door are opened)