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High voltage combination switch
  • High voltage combination switch
  • High voltage combination switch
High voltage combination switchHigh voltage combination switch

High voltage combination switch

It is used in coal mines in three-phase neutral ungrounded transmission lines with voltage AC 3300V, 50Hz. It can make local and remote control of three-phase asynchronous motor and concentrated control of coal cutter, scraper conveyor, crusher, reversed loader, pump station and other equipments of comprehensive mechanized coal faces.

Product Details

• The combination switch uses Siemens PLC as the core control unit and has characteristics like programmable live, expandable points of input/output, reliable running and convenient operation. Embedded IPC is adopted in the human-computer interface with Windows CE as operation system. The system uses color picture separator and can display running condition of local equipment dynamically

• With embedded display system in Chinese, the system has the friendly human-computer interface and can make convenient and

intuitive man-machine dialogues. So the system has functions such as telemetering, telecommunication, telecontrol, teleregulation called"4T"Unattended working faces and concentrated detection and monitoring from ground control can be realized with functions above

• Control modes include locating control, remote control, and network control. It can give out start and stop of independent control,

program control, and double-speed control and the control modes are flexible and reliable

• Quick-actuating closures structure is adopted in the combination switch and reliable mechanical interlock and electric interlock system will ensure closure actuated after the power cut off. The unit adopts an integrated design and drawer plugged structure and each circuit has independent operation mechanism and corresponding modules can supply and cut power independently. Internal phase changing mechanism inside modules can achieve phase changing function

The combination switch has characteristics like small size, light weight, low power consumption, high sensitivity and easy to install and operate. The workload of installation and maintenance is reduced and different requirements are satisfied. So the combination switch is a perfect upgrade product for domestic mine digitization

Main technical parameters
Rated operating current2400A1600A800A
Output loop number11,9,87,64,2
Isolated commutation switch3 loop (each loop 800A)2 loop (each loop 800A)1 loop (each loop 800A)
Rated operating voltage3300V, 50HZ
Vacuum contactorSingle loop maximum rated current:400A
Input and output modeCable connector
Fault inquiryCheck for 30 days of fault information at any time
Display componentThe man-machine interface adopts embedded system to dynamically monitor the running state
Communication modeRS485、CAN bus, Ethernet
Control modeLocal control, remote control, network control

Protection function
Siemens PLC and all-in-one IPC are applied in the protected system with high-accuracy data processing and advanced protect arithmetic which has high accuracy and reaction speed. It can give out various protections for overload, short-circuit, leakage interlock, undervoltage, overvoltage, three-phase imbalance, phase loss, power measure and networking communication of electromotor.