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Drawer Type Switch Cabinet
  • Drawer Type Switch Cabinet
Drawer Type Switch Cabinet

Drawer Type Switch Cabinet

GCS draw out type switch cabinet is suitable for power generation and power supply system of which the three-phase AC frequency is 50Hz, the rated working voltage is 400V (690V), and the rated current is not more than 4000A, used for power, power distribution, motor centralized control, and capacitance compensation. It is widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings, civil areas, shopping malls, schools, etc, also it can be used in places with the high degree of automation and computer interface like large power plants, petrochemical systems and so on. The product has passed the national compulsory product certification (CCC certification), in compliance with the standards of GB7251.1, JB/T9661, and IEC, and it passes a long test run assessment, and it

has been tested for a long time.

Product Details

• The frame adopts 8NF open-type steel, the main frame is equipped with Φ9.2mm of mounting holes of which the number of molds is E

= 20mm and E = 100mm, and the frame is assembled flexibly and conveniently

• Each function room of the switch cabinet is isolated from each other, and the compartments are divided into function unit, busbar room, and cable room. The role of each room is relatively independent

• The horizontal bus is arranged in a flat arrangement after the cabinet to enhance the ability of the bus of resisting electric power, enabling the main circuit to have basic measures of high short-circuit strength.

• The design of the cable compartment makes it convenient for the cable going in and out

• The height of the drawer is 160mm. The drawer changes only in height, and its width and depth remain unchanged. The drawer of the same function unit has good interchangeability. The rated current of the unit circuit is under 400A

• The drawer panel has obvious marks of separation, integration, test, and extraction. The drawer unit is equipped with a mechanical interlock. The drawer unit is the main body and has both withdrawing and fixing type. It can be combined together, and use freely

The protection grade of the cabinet is IP30, also it can be customized