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Distribution Box
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Distribution Box

Distribution Box

XL-21 series distribution cabinet is one of the most widely used power control distribution equipment for low-voltage power distribution system. It is flexible, easy to install and maintain. There are economical and luxurious types to choose from. It is applicable to the metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, textile, building materials, machinery processing, transportation, hotels, restaurants and other distribution systems whose frequency is 50Hz, rated working voltage is 400V (690), rated current is 630A power to use power, motor control, and lighting.

Product Details

• XL-21 type low voltage power distribution cabinet can install against the wall indoor, power distribution device with one side front door. The basic structure of the steel plate bending and welded steel

• The front right side can be equipped with a knife switch operation handle to cut off or turn on the power, an operating button, an indicating lamp and a display instrument can be arranged on the box door. When you open the box, the internal equipment in distribution box is open for maintenance and repair

• The distribution box has contactor and thermal relay besides air circuit breaker and fuse which is used as a short circuit protection. The

door and the cage are welded with a grounding screw, to ensure that the cage is securely connected to the ground

The protection level of the box is IP30, it can be also customized according to the customer's requirements

• Ambient temperature: -5℃ ~+40℃,

• Altitude: < 2000m

• Relative humidity: Less than 50% when the surrounding temperature is 40 ℃, the relative humidity can be higher (such as 90% at

+20℃) at a low temperature. Proper condensation is allowed considering the change of temperature.

No more than 5 degrees vertical gradient when installing the equipment, no severe impact and chemical corrosion