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High Voltage Frequency Converter Series
  • High Voltage Frequency Converter Series
High Voltage Frequency Converter Series

High Voltage Frequency Converter Series

This product is used in coal mines, petroleum and chemical and other harsh environments to soft start, soft stop and operation process control of the motor and energy-saving applications, especially suitable for coal mine or ground mine to enhance the winch, belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, coal feeder, fan, pump, pressure fan and emulsion pumps and variable frequency speed control of other equipment.

Product Details

• Starting current is small, impact of power grid is small, harmonic is small

• Steady start, steady speed adjustment, the output waveform is similar to the sine wave

• Control operation is simple

• Adopt modular structure, easy to maintain

• Abundant communication interface

• Convenient process control adjustment and optimization

• Obvious energy-saving effect can achieve economic operation

Ten inch display screen, equipped with “debugging navigation system” and “maintenance navigation system” inside, so that users can simply debug and repair by themselves, and set the component “life alarm system”, when the component close to the end of service life, it alarms, to prevent the impact of production because of the components damage

BPJV1 series mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe type high-voltage inverter as one kind of high-tech products which combines digital frequency speed regulation technology, 12 pulse rectifier input technology, inverter multi-level output technology, EMC electromagnetic compatibility technology and explosion-proof cooling technology. The product is applicable to variable frequency asynchronous motor or ordinary asynchronous motor of AC 50Hz, motor power 315KW ~ 2000KW, rated voltage 3300V to soft start, soft stop and run process control under heavy load, the start, stop, process control curve can be set to “S” curve, linear curve, function curve and other forms of curve.

BPGY10(6)HV series perfect harmonic-free high voltage AC inverter is composed of phase-shifting transformer, power unit modules, and controllers. The secondary winding of the phase-shifting transformer is divided into three groups to form a multi-pulse rectification method. This multi-stage superposition method can greatly improve the waveform of the current on the network side to make the power factor of the network side close to 1 under load. The power unit is a single-phase bridge converter, it is an AC-DC-AC single-phase contravariant circuit which is powered by the secondary side of the input dry-type transformer, controlled by IGTB PWM after three – phase full – bridge rectifier, filter circuit filtering, generating the set frequency waveform, each power unit structure is completely

consistent, can be interchangeable. This kind of power unit series multi-level high-voltage inverter output waveform is approximately sinusoidal, suitable for any asynchronous motor, and widely used at this stage.