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Emulsion Pump Dedicated Frequency Convertor
  • Emulsion Pump Dedicated Frequency Convertor
Emulsion Pump Dedicated Frequency Convertor

Emulsion Pump Dedicated Frequency Convertor

This product is used in the emulsion pump equipment frequency control.

Product Details

•Starting current is small, impact of power grid is small, harmonic is small

•Emulsion pump station professional control: intelligent, smooth, fast, energy saving

•Control operation is simple

•Adopt modular structure, easy to maintain

•Abundant communication interface

•Convenient process control adjustment and optimization

•An average of more than 30% of the significant energy saving effect can achieve economic operation

•7 inch display screen, equipped with “debugging navigation system” and “maintenance navigation system” inside, so that users can simply debug and repair by themselves, and set the component “life alarm system”, when the component close to the end of service life, it alarms, to prevent the impact of production when the life of components damage

BPJ1-R series of mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe emulsion pump convertor is a set of digital frequency control technology and related cooling technology as one of the high-tech products. The product is suitable for control of AC 50Hz, motor power 110KW ~ 400KW, rated voltage 1140V emulsion pump station, can handle the dynamic process of sudden unloading, while the convertor DC busbar voltage suppression more stable, and small current fluctuations. In addition to limiting the busbar voltage and current fluctuations, the emulsion pump for the characteristics of the rapid decline in pressure, emulsifier pump dedicated convertor acceleration and deceleration time can be set for 5 seconds, the convertor from zero speed to 50Hz full speed and load acceleration time is only 5

seconds, so that the pressure to follow the effect better.