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Mining explosion-proof vacuum feeder switch-circular shell permanent magnet
  • Mining explosion-proof vacuum feeder switch-circular shell permanent magnet
Mining explosion-proof vacuum feeder switch-circular shell permanent magnet

Mining explosion-proof vacuum feeder switch-circular shell permanent magnet

The product equipped with high-performance PLC that dedicate to serve the feeder switch to protect and monitor. The product has various protection functions such as overload, short-circuit, leakage interlock, leakage protection, under voltage, over voltage, three-phase imbalance, gas interlock, interlocked circuit breaker, selective leakage protection, three-phase balanced protection, long distance short-circuit protection, communication networking. The product equips colorful man-machine interface and easy to established in network. Stable performances, sensitive protection, reliable reactions and high protection precision make the product become a perfect upgrade product for domestic mine digitization.

Product Details

•The product is circular shell intelligent feeder switch. It has advantages of small size and light weight of original BKD9 switch and easy to transport and install.

•Permanent magnetic control technology

The device uses permanent magnetic control technology and is tested by NEPSI. The performances are much better than non-permanent magnetic ones. The structure of the product’s breaker is simple and serves longer time with no maintenance. It’s important product to be promoted for National LCE development because of its energy-saving.

•Powerful function of communication network

The standard RS485 interface is equipped with the device; seamless joint field device can be realized. That makes it convenient to establish site monitoring system. The product has “4T” (telemetering, telecommunication, telecontrol and teleregulation) functions and it is easy to access substations underground and merge into industrial Ethernet.

Concentrated monitoring in ground control center now is available.

•Intelligent man-machine system

Intelligent protection and control are applied to the product. Human- computer interaction interface is displayed by Chinese on color LCD. Pull- down menu makes it simple and direct to operate.

•Real-time display of parameters

Many sorts of information are displayed while the device is running, such as current time, three-phase current, grid voltage, active power, power factor, insulation resistance, main/branch switch, running condition, temperature, gas concentration, interlocked circuit breaker, etc.

•Function customization

The man-machine visual operation can be realized through operation panel on the front door. Parameters of the equipment can be set, modified, corrected and inquired. Different functions can be customized according to different demands and corresponding protection function can be selected and shut.

•Simulated experiments

The product has simulation experiment functions of leakage, short-circuits, overload and phase loss faults. Experiments can be done through external buttons.

•Self-check, memory, display and inquire of device faults

The product has the self-checking function of software and hardware and functions of memory, display and inquires of device faults. Details of recent 100 errors can be recorded and maintenance are more convenient.

•High accuracy selective leakage protection

The feeder switch is the best one of domestic similar products and has reliable and exact protection function and fast response speed. “Main- branch-branch” three levels selective leakage protection can be realized and delay time is continuously adjustable. The switch will trip and record

the examining reports meanwhile finding the location of leakage in 30ms.