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Mining Intrinsically Safe PA Phone
  • Mining Intrinsically Safe PA Phone
Mining Intrinsically Safe PA Phone

Mining Intrinsically Safe PA Phone

The device is a kind of mining intrinsically safe broadcast communication, signal communication and alarm device. It is suitable for the environment where the coal gas and coal dust are explosive and dangerous in the coal mine. The telephone can be self-expanded as communication and dotting signal liaison system, and can also be matched with other electric control devices, locking the equipment and ensuring the safety of the personnel and the equipment.

Product Details

•The product adopts fast-plug connector, simple and convenient wiring to reduce the loss bursting point, easy to maintain

•The floating battery pack is built-in, thus the communication is ffected when external power supply is interrupted temporarily

•The digital voice communication technology is adopted to realize automatic gain control, so as to ensure that the calls are clear and undistorted

•The product adopts the modular structure and is sealed with epoxy resin. It is damp proof, shockproof and easy to maintain stop lock output control signal With emergency

It can be used in conjunction with our company’s KHP144-K mine belt conveyor protection electronic control device to realize fault alarm along the line

Intrinsically safe parameters

Power supply: Ui: 18.5V, Li: 700mA

Battery powered: Uo: 9.8V, Lo: 500mA

Working voltage: 9.6V