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Mining Explosion-Proof Intrinsically Safe Power Supply Box
  • Mining Explosion-Proof Intrinsically Safe Power Supply Box
Mining Explosion-Proof Intrinsically Safe Power Supply Box

Mining Explosion-Proof Intrinsically Safe Power Supply Box

This combined monitoring system is mainly used for automatic operation, manual control and communication protection of electromechanical equipment in coal mining face with methane explosion gas and coal dust explosion hazard. especially for the control, communication, conversation, the protection system of the belt conveyor and other small installation


Product Details

THK-I (II) new platform for embedded ARM system, is equipped with 12 inch color LCD screen animation, graphics, Chinese characters display. There are 22 ways output and 48 input in the console, 120 ways output along the two lines, 120 ways input, 24 ways input of analog signal, and it has extended function. The system has the functions of system self checking, forced locking, fault language alarm and position display, and the entire system adopts fast plug-in cable. 

KDW127/24(18)II Mining explosion proof and intrinsically safe power supply box provides intrinsically safe power supply for the whole system.

The power supply input of the system: AC127V(+10%~-25%), 150W Output: 1*DC24V(0.5A), 1*DC18V(1A), 1*DC12V(1A), 2*DC5V(1.2A)

• Centralized control mode (remote logic control of the system by ground

or other host computer)

• Local control mode (coal flow interlock control by the system)

• Maintenance control mode (single equipment controlled by this system)

• Point action control mode (single motor controlled by this system)

• The core is embedded with ARM system, 12 inch color LCD screen

displayed as graphics, animation and Chinese characters, and the

output and input circuits meet the requirements of the site and are


• The statistics and display of starting up rate of the controlled equipment

• The Chinese prompt for operating condition of controlled equipment

• Menu operation interface and easy to operate

• Function of fault inquiry and diagnosis

• Block and position indication along the line

• Cable open circuit test and its position indication along the line

• The scraper-trough onveyer of the working face, the start and stop

control of the transfer machine (including single, single stop, stop


• The emergency shutdown lock along the working face

• The local start and nearby the equipment motor

• The cable adopts stainless steel quick connector and U-pin connection

(protection grade: IP67)

• With standard communication protocol (OPC or ModBus, etc.),

RS232/485 serial interface, it may have no connection with the entire

mine monitoring system without connection (leaving interface)

• The controller has all the parameters of the detection and control


• Authority password protection function of parameter adjustment