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Low Voltage Combination Switch
  • Low Voltage Combination Switch
Low Voltage Combination Switch

Low Voltage Combination Switch

Mining explosion-proof and Intrinsically Safe Low-voltage Vacuum Combination Switch (hereinafter referred to as combination switch) is used in coal mines containing explosive gas and coal dust. It can logically control and protect the start-up or stop of 4 sets of three- phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motors under rated voltage 1140V (660V), AC 50Hz, and can change the phase sequence when the motor stops. The switch is especially applied to centralize monitoring of mining, transportation and other kinds of working faces with centralized dynamic loads. The switch has advantages like high automation level, convenient and intuitive man-machine dialogue, easy to networking, stable performance, sensitive protect, reliable operations, etc. It is a perfect upgrade product for mine digitization.

Product Details

•The shell of the combination switch is cuboids with quick-actuating closures structure. Reliable mechanical interlock and electric interlock system will ensure closure actuated after the power cut off. Each unit of the switch is modular structure in drawer plugged style

•The core control unit is Siemens PLC and has functions like programmable live and expandable points of output and input. Network communication is easy to establish with various functions such as telemetering, telecommunication, telecontrol, teleregulation called “4T”. Unattended working faces and concentrated detection and monitoring from ground control can be realized with functions above

•With display system in Chinese, and many control mode can be set like parameters settings, light running, sequential control and dual double-speed (including light double-speed, dual single-speed, and dual double-speed). The combination switch has functions of display and memories about running condition and failure mode. The efficiency of judging and removing breakdowns is improved greatly with friendly human-computer interface

•Pilot circuit of the combination switch is intrinsically safe circuit and can efficiently prevent initiative starting accidents cause by short- circuit and grounding failures of control lines

•Multiple operation modes (locate control, remote control, and network control) and various control mode (independent control, program control, double-speed control and hybrid control)

Maximum input and output

6,8,10 combination:Maximum 6 input,6/8/10 output

12 combination:Maximum 8 input,12 output

4 combination:Maximum 4 input,4 output

Number of vacuum isolating change-over switch

6,8,10 combination:3 pcs

12 combination:4 pcs

4 combination:2 pcs

Rated working voltage and Frequency:AC1140V(660V); 50Hz

Unit maximum contactor capacity:400A

Rated total current

6,8,10 loop:2400A

12 loop:3200A

4 loop:1600A

Breaking capacity of main circuit:Connect 4000A,Break 3200A

Limit breaking capacity of contactor:CKJ5-400为4500A;break 3 times each

Maximum power of control motor


Siemens PLC and all-in-one IPC are applied in the protected system with high-accuracy data processing and advanced protect arithmetic which has high accuracy and reaction speed. It can give out various protections for overload, short-circuit, leakage interlock, undervoltage, overvoltage, three-phase imbalance, phase loss, power measure and networking communication of electromotor.