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Founded in 1998, now the net worth is 430 million yuan, focused on the research and development, production and sales of the intelligent terminal equipment and safety monitoring automation control system, is committed to providing the systematic solution for the coal mine safety and efficient management. Our products export to Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey, Africa and other countries. Since 2007, We have set up three branches, formed the WANTAI integrated industrial park.

WANTAI group

WANTAI group adheres to scientific and technological innovation, independent research and market-oriented development, and constantly invents new products. Besides, WANTAI employs well- paid professionals to join the company and on the other hand, the company also sent R&D managers out for learning and training. The company’s existing products are all researched and manufactured independently and it owns a number of patents.

The main underground products are personnel position system, microseismic monitoring system, frequency converter, high-low voltage starter, intelligent multi-function combination switch, electronic control monitoring system, soft starter, feeder switch, lighting comprehensive protection device, mine lamp, etc.

What’s more, we have high and low voltage electrical equipment which the voltage is 35KV and below, such as KYN61-40.5, XGN, GGD, MNS, GCS, KY-WTGD-1, KY-WTGD-10(6), XL-21, YBM-12 box transformer substation, cable branch box, PLC control system, background monitoring and so on. They have been widely used in the field of infrastructure, energy, industrial, commercial and residential buildings etc.